Fish-Eye Human Detector

A real-time software package to detect and localize people using a fish-eye camera.

Human Activity Recognition by Data Fusion

A Matlab package to recognize human activities based on a variety of sensors and cameras. The algorithm provides a natural way for day fusion without worrying about the correlation between different sensors. Papers using this package have been published at top robotic conferences such as RSS, ICRA and IROS.

Tracking People in a Crowd

A software to keep tracking an individual based on the discovered motion patterns. The task was very challenging due to severe occlusions. This is handled by a particle filter framework to enable multiple tracking hypotheses.
optical flow

Fish-eye Camera Calibration and Coordinates Transformation

A software to calibrate fish-eye cameras (automatically estimation of the intrinsic and extrinsic camera parameters). Highly distorted fish-eye images are rectified.

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